Cosmetic Corporate Day

Motivating their team for the year ahead

Date: January 2017
Client : Cosmetics

Objective: After a successful event last year for the first time, the Internal Communications team decided to roll this out again, only this time bigger and better with an enhanced element of ‘beauty’! The event aims to ‘connect’ the divisions within the company and educate all employees on the business; inspiring, motivating and rewarding.

The Day…

On arrival at The Brewery, London, 700 guests were greeted by YES hosts and the carefully designed event logo featured on the wall with energising music playing throughout the exclusively hired venue.

For this event we created a bespoke app for the client which featured registration, agenda, live polling, attendee information and the capability to share posts in the run up to the event with all those attending. This proved a really powerful tool and was engaging throughout with both juniors and the MD posting pre event!

The structure of the event allowed for delegates to enjoy lunch on arrival catered for by The Brewery. This in itself provided a great networking moment and kicked off the day as it was to continue…

Delegates entered the transformed room with bright lights and loud music setting the scene and filling the room with energy ready for the prompt start of the conference.

A carefully planned agenda allowed for a fast paced structure, with a  lot of content to cover this was fundamental to the success of the event. With a never-seen-before video opening the conference delegates were on the edge of their seats.

Key managers within the company delivered their content before guest speaker, Rory Sutherland was invited to the stage to deliver a ‘30 minute’ talk… an experienced TED Talk speaker he knew his audience and had them laughing before too long. A highly thought-provoking talk.

Beautifully designed Awards were sat side stage throughout the conference and when their moment came allowed for great celebration across many of the brands within the company and not least a good ‘bum shuffle’ moment. Short and sweet, a 15 minute break was introduced then straight back to the content…

The second half of the agenda such much of the same with added video content and key opportunity for delegates to use their app. Speakers invited delegates to participate in live polling which was received well across the floor – to see live results proved powerful with the delivery of the intended messages relating to company issues.

This year the client was particularly keen to introduce reception drinks and canapes to encourage delegates to stay and network on the content delivered, share comments and celebrate the amazing business that they are part of.

Selfie Mirrors in place, DJ in position, drinks chilled and canapes ready delegates were guided downstairs to enjoy their evening with colleagues and friends within the business. Those who had other commitments could make a swift exit  and equally those who wished to stay could.

Our team circulated and captured some great interviews summarising the event whilst they socialised.


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